15 & 16
FEB '25


Kortrijk Xpo, Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk (B)
Hall 6 - Entrance via XPO NOORD and XPO ZUID

Dates & opening times

Saturday 15th February 2025
9h00 till 18h00

Sunday 16th February 2025
9u00 till 15u00

Entrance price

  • 12,00 EUR per person
  • Free entrance for women and children

Accessibility & parking

Visit the website of Kortrijk Xpo for: route description -  parking facilities
Price parking ticket: € 5 (parking P2 > P7)

Together with Kinepolis, Kortrijk Xpo manages the car-parks P2 to P7. These car-parks are closest to the Xpo South and Xpo North entrances. When you enter the car-parks, you do not need to take a ticket.

You can pay with your bank card / credit card at the barriers when you leave the car-park.

Attention: The P1 Park+ Ride car-park- is operated by Parko agb. If you would like to park on P1, when our car-parks are full, you will also have to pay for your parking ticket on P1. The machine is located on the bridge at the passage-way to cross the road.

Charging stations

Kortrijk Xpo offers charging stations, situated at P4, for electrical vehicles to both visitors and exhibitors. At the exit of the car park you can find Tesla fast-charging stations.

Hotels and restaurants in Kortrijk

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Click here for a list of hotels in/near the city of Kortrijk.

Spend a day in the city of Kortrijk

Kortrijk is the historical central town of one of the most dynamic regions in Flanders. The town looks back on a gripping historical past. Over 7 centuries ago, Kortrijk was the setting for the Battle of the Golden Spurs, one of the key symbols of the Flemish struggle for emancipation. More recently, the flax industry, leaving a myriad of economic imprints on the region, served to lend the town its solid international reputation. Today, Kortrijk stands proud as a multifaceted modern town, intensively investing in its future. Melding tradition and innovation, Kortrijk combines a due sense of history and a forward-looking vision of the future.